1976 Atari Theatre Consolette

Extremely rare arcade machine. Almost impossible to Google sensible info. Made in France in 1976. It would probably fit into a casino environment if you interpret the design. Guess this...

1956 Tom's 15c Toasted Peanuts Vendor

This came in non-working. All we did was clean and adjust the coin mech. Lubed all the pulls and slides. Happy customer!

TobiKomi Fix It Felix Jr

At the beginning of a game, Ralph climbs up the apartment building, breaking windows as he goes. It is the player's job—as Felix—to repair each window with his magical hammer, while avoiding bricks that fall off when Ralph punches,...

Asteroids Speed Mod

Here is another Speed Mod to an Asteroids board. This is one of the cleanest and most professional looking mods I have seen.

Magic Fingers Massager

 It will vibrate for 10 minutes for 10¢ or a half hour for 25¢.

1982 Gottlieb Reactor

Found this for sale on eBay. What a great restoration. Hope to see this one day in the wild.

1972 Sega Killer Shark

Found this for sale on eBay. What an amazing game. Hope to see this someday in the wild.

1974 Atari Touch Me

Touch Me is an arcade game first released by Atari Inc. in 1974, and later as a handheld game in 1978. It can be described as a Simon-like game that involves touching a series of buttons that light up and produce sounds. The player must observe a...

1979 Sidam Asterock

Asterock is a copy of Atari's Asteroids. The italian company Sidam manufactured/developed an own CPU PCB for their upright cab while still using many parts of the original Asteroids code. The cabinet was also different in some aspects....

Atari Prototype Vindicators

Sold on eBay for $2k on November 2018 in Lodi California

Atari Prototype Tetris

Machine was on eBay and sold for $3k November 2018 out of Lodi California

Wonderland Arcade 1968

Located near a major bus transfer point at the corner of 12th and Grand in Kansas City, Missouri, Wonderland Arcade was a popular haunt for people of all ages with time to kill and a few coins in their pockets. In the...

1968 Jaycopter by Jaycopters Recreation Ltd.

The object of the game is to fly the helicopter so it lands on each of three numbered heliport pads (in order) spaced around the playfield. As you progress through the three pads, trees start to come into play (one near the pad#2 and two...

Asteroids PCB with Atari Rate Multiplier Board

"Part way through the run of Asteroids, we used up the world's supply of 7497s and Texas Instruments (the only manufacturer of 7497s) did not have them on their schedule to make more for several months. Rather than shut down the...