Sega Hot Rod

In for a cabinet refurbish to fix the broken corners and make sure it fully works before going back home. Game board works, still need more testing. Monitor works but needs a rebuild. Needs a replacement center wheel. Metal parts will be...

Atari Asteroids

This is in for video issues.

Atari Drag Race

Most of the ceramic capacitors are broken and a couple are smashed. One sound channel IC is bad. Update: capacitors have been replaced. Sound IC is on order. Currently plays blind, but that I'm sure is a monitor issue, too be...

1988 Midway Blasted

This is in for a sound issue..

1932 Mills Pinball Machine

Putting this cabinet back to its original black. Hoping just to strip the red and white paint off without repainting the original black. We'll see.. Update: The original black was not saveable. Had too many different colors of paint...

Golden Axe II Board Set

This has been a struggle to find out what is wrong. But just received a good working boardset to compare too. This will help..

Cinematronics Rip Off Upright

This one is gonna take some work. Found the missing sound board that needed repair with broken components on it, now fixed. Monitor has been rebuilt and nolonger blows the breaker. The cabinet is rough but repairable. Game still...

Robotron Restoration

An early matching numbers Robotron full size upright going through a full museum quality restoration. Metals powder coated satin and satin textured. Boards are going through (cleaning, reflowing solder, new ribbon...