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Remember all the great coin-op video and pinball arcade games you played as a kid? Ms. Pacman, Asteroids, Galaga, Joust, Defender, Addams Family, Theater of Magic. That’s why we started SCVGames, for the preservation of these classics.

We specialize in providing the original, full size original dedicated video arcade game, so that people can resurrect their memories. We can set the games to be coin operated, or on free play, for your home or office. While people nowadays mostly play online games, classic arcade games still have quite a following. Arcade collecting has now become a full fledged hobby with many new people joining everyday.

We buy, sell, and trade - arcade video games, pinball, slot machines, trade stimulators, scales, neon, jukebox, penny arcade, soda machines, vending machines, pay phones, parts and pieces. Anything coin operated.

If you do not see what you're looking for on our website, please ask, as we may have it in storage, or can find it for you. We have an extensive client, dealer, private party list, and can find anything you're looking for.

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Ground up restoration on your video, pinball, jukebox, neon, soda machine, and or slot machine. See some of our work in our gallery section.


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ZiLOG Z80 CPU DIP-40 Microprocessor IC New

Brand new Z80b 8 bit 6 MHz 5 V CPU IC Microprocessor. Branded ZiLOG. Used in Midway Arcade Games and many others such as Pacman and Ms Pacman.

ZiLOG  Z80 CPU DIP-40 Microprocessor IC New

Latest Items

Original Berzerk Arcade Glass Bezel

Original Berzerk Arcade Glass Bezel

I have a descent Berzerk Glass Bezel that has some flaking, but has been clear coated so it' wont flake anymore. Includes original instruction sheet.

1994 Rowe-AMI Compact Disc Jukebox Model CD100C

1994 Rowe-AMI Compact Disc Jukebox Model CD100C

Rowe AMI CD-100C 100 CD Jukebox. This jukebox holds 100 CDs. This jukebox accepts coins and dollar bills. Jukebox looks great, the face/door is in excellent condition, very attractive. Has been fully gone through, cleaned and working as it should....

1950's Pace Slot Machine Mechanisms

1950's Pace Slot Machine Mechanisms

I have 5 nice working mechanisms for early mechanical Pace Slot Machines. One is a 4 reel mech and the other four are 3 reel mechs. These are a front loading mech. Can use a cleaning and oiling before use. 1 - 25 cent four reel SOLD