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It all started by buying an Asteroids game from a neighbor. Not that it needed a restoration, but we decided to put a lot of time and money into the game. During the restoration, came research to make the game 100% authentic like it came out of the factory in 1979. So by doing the restoration, we came across other games for sale at very reasonable prices. Did some clean up to them, made sure they worked, and turned them around to sell them to friends and family. Sounds easy? Well it's not. You need some special tools, basic tools, and a general knowledge of electronics, wood working, painting, and a lot of patients.

Right now we have over two dozen personal arcade machines that we have done museum quality restorations on, with several other project waiting in the wings. We have met a lot of very helpful resources around town to assist in anything that we're not capable of, but we're a quick learner to tackle the jobs next time around. So if your in need of a game to buy, sell or trade, we will assist you in every way possible. Thank you and enjoy our website.

Our Personal Collection of games (still growing, we just need more room):

  • Atari Asteroids Upright (HS - 29180)
  • Midway Tron Upright (HS - 35605)
  • Atari Tempest Upright (HS - 135481)
  • Midway Galaga Upright (HS - 323450)
  • Williams Pinch Hitter (HS - 31)
  • 1934 Rockola World Series (HS - 8)
  • Taito Ice Cold Beer (HS - 7930 17)
  • Williams Ten Strike (HS - 154)
  • Genco Sky Ride (HS - 5600)
  • Pac-Man w/SpeedUp (HS - 27850)
  • Atari Millipede (HS - 78743)
  • Atari Lunar Lander - (HS - )
  • Midway Gorf - (HS - 22130 17)
  • Atari Dig Dug - (HS - 18220)
  • 1932 Gottlieb Play-Boy - (HS - 1670)
  • Bally Theatre of Magic - (HS - 1,053,912,190)
  • ICE Fire Escape - (HS - 1686800)
  • Atari Centipede - (HS - 30821)
Games have passed through here: 101 Total games sold: 95
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