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Remember all the great coin-op video and pinball arcade games you played as a kid? Ms. Pacman, Asteroids, Galaga, Joust, Defender, Addams Family, Theater of Magic.

So do we. That’s why we opened SCV Games. We specialize in providing the original, full size video arcade games for sale that people can purchase for use in their homes and offices. You can have the games coin operated, or on free play, and you get the key too. While people nowadays mostly play online games, classic arcade games still have quite a following. Arcade collecting has now become a full fledged hobby with many new people joining everyday.

We also buy, sell, and trade - arcade video games, pinball games, slot machines, trade stimulators, penny arcade, soda machines, parts and pieces. Anything coin operated. We offer prop rental as well.

If you do not see what you're looking for here on our website, please ask, as we may have it in storage, or can find it for you. We have an extensive client, dealer, private party list, and can find anything you're looking for.

Restoration Services

Ground up restoration on your video, pinball, jukebox, neon, soda machine, and or slot machine. See some of our work in our gallery section.

We now accept all major credit cards..


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Bally Midway Solar Fox Glass Bezel and Mirror

I have a nice glass monitor bezel with some minor graffiti on the glass (does not affect game play and can possibly be polished out). Also included is a perfect reflection mirror. $40.00 each

Latest Items

1981 Midway Galaga Game Board Complete Non-Working

A complete dual Galaga boardset. Started to repair these but nolonger have the time. Found one custom chip bad. The game comes up, but has display issue to start with. Needs the Galaga renew kit from Arcade Components.

MCA Australia 2, 4 or 8 Way Joystick, Tested and Working

1 Used MCA Australia 2, 4 or 8 way joystick. Reposition the gate on the bottom to change the function. Tested and working in our Donkey Kong, good action, returns to center.

19 Inch Arcade Game LCD Monitor Complete

KORTEK 19-Inch LCD CGA/VGA Monitor with frame, for Jamma, MAME, and Cocktail game cabinets, also industrial  panel mount, power adapter, and cables.