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Remember all the great coin-op video and pinball arcade games you played as a kid? Ms. Pacman, Asteroids, Galaga, Joust, Defender, Addams Family, Theater of Magic.

So do we. That’s why we opened SCV Games. We specialize in providing the original, full size video arcade games for sale that people can purchase for use in their homes and offices. You can have the games coin operated, or on free play, and you get the key too. While people nowadays mostly play online games, classic arcade games still have quite a following. Arcade collecting has now become a full fledged hobby with many new people joining everyday.

We also buy, sell, and trade - arcade video games, pinball games, slot machines, trade stimulators, penny arcade, soda machines, parts and pieces. Anything coin operated. We offer prop rental as well.

If you do not see what you're looking for here on our website, please ask, as we may have it in storage, or can find it for you. We have an extensive client, dealer, private party list, and can find anything you're looking for.

Restoration Services

Ground up restoration on your video, pinball, jukebox, neon, soda machine, and or slot machine. See some of our work in our gallery section.

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2011 Pac-Man Battle Royale 4 Player Arcade Machine

Two available in good used working condition. Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game every made! The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a wild and carnivorousgame twist – Eliminate...

Latest Items

1983 ICE Super Chexx Hockey Arcade Machine

A very good condition machine. With the Las Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks theme. Built to Last the Super Chexx Pro is the only dome hockey brand with electronics that allows for coin-operation. With strong fiberglass, smooth surface...

1982 Atari Dig Dug Upright Arcade Machine

A good working game. Cabinet is solid. Art work is in great condition. The game has an amusing cast of characters. The two enemies are Pooka and Fygar. Pookas are animated red tomatoes with yellow sunglasses and Fygars are green dragons who...

1998 Midway Blitz 99 Upright Arcade Machine

A good working game. Solid cabinet and the art work looks great. This game is largely an update to NFL Blitz. Its features include updated statistics, better graphics and new colorful language! This game is the spiritual sequel to...