1981 Midway Omega Race Cabaret Arcade Machine

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1981 Midway Omega Race Cabaret Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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coming soon. If interested in this let us know to put this at the top of our list to get ready.

One of the coolest Black and White games in my opinion. Player controls an "Omegan Space Fighter", and attempts to destroy waves of enemy droid ships. Battle takes place on a rectangular "track". Player's ship bounces off invisible walls of track. The monitor projects the images upward onto a see-through mirror in front of day-glow colored "star-scape" scenery. The scenery is illuminated by a blacklight, with striking results. The cabinet exterior is also notable. The artwork on the normal header marquee is continued on the speaker grill below. The monitor glass has artwork at the sides and bottom, and there is a decorated, lighted "attraction panel" just below the control panel. The lower cabinet also has artwork that depicts spacecraft in battle, which was typical of the "Star Wars"-derived sci-fi artwork of the era.