1965 Gottlieb Dodge City Pinball

A nice complete game, not working. Has transformer removed for unknown reason. Beautiful playfield with nice plastics and rubbers. Backglass is near flawless with just a couple small rub through marks inthe white. Cabinet is ok, with some dog chewing marks on the lower apron front and one side. This is a great project machine. Gotta love the dancing cowboy animation in the backglass. Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Passive bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), Rollunders (5), Kick-out holes (2), Projection roto unit under playfield. Mechanical backbox animation (cowboy dances). Backglass has a blinking 'Last Ball in Play' light. 3 or 5 ball play.

:: Located: Las Vegas, NV ::