1950's Cavalier 72 Coca Cola Vending Machine

Unrestored Coca-Cola C-72 machine. Turns on when plugged in. Looks to be all there, and all original. New wiring harness to be installed.

One of the most collectable Coke machines, the Cavalier 72 coke machine has a very small profile, rounded corners, and vends 12 oz and smaller bottles from 9 trays, providing ample selections. After depositing a coin, the "Have a Coke" button lights up, until you pull out a soda.

Vends 72 Bottles -- 6.5 oz to 12 oz bottles -- Pre Cools 17 -- Size 56.75″ high, 24.75″ wide, and 21.75″ deep -- Vends 9 different selections -- Weight 256 lbs

:: Serial Number 274788 ::

:: Located: Las Vegas ::