1969 Midway Sea Raider Upright Restored

This is a fully restored game, in mint condition. Sea Raider, by Midway, electronic sound, a submarine game with the player looking through a periscope to shoot ships. Inside the machine is lit up with a blacklight tube. As the game starts boats start cruising by across the back of the scenery, and the front glass lights up "torpedoes ready to fire". Look through the periscope and aim in front of the ship, then press the fire button on the right handle. An electronic "whoosh" sounds is made as the torpedo heads towards the boat. There are a series of ten torpedo shaped lights on the playfield that make the torpedo look like it's moving towards the ship (light animation). If the boat is hit the scenery flashes a 120 volt red light from each side and an explosion is heard.

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:: Located: Las Vegas ::