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1979 Atari Asteroids cocktail table

Here is an original Atari Asteroids cocktail table. It features a real 15" black and white vector monitor for playing what is arguably the most successful and influential arcade game from the 1980's - ASTEROIDS!

This is not a cocktail table that plays 1000's of games by utilizing crappy emulation on a PC based system. No delayed micro switch joystick controls, no sound glitches, no graphics issues.

This is a real, original cocktail table as produced by Atari back in 1979. It has the original game PCB using a 6502 8-bit processor and is an immediate flash back to the early days of the arcade industry.

This unit has been cleaned up and restored to play perfectly. The monitor was recapped and looks great - the CRT tube has very minor burn. The volume pot and the power interlock switch was replaced since both were broken when I received it. The control panels are original and in very good shape for their age.

The original top glass was horribly scratched and missing artwork. A new piece of tempered glass with 4 new lock down brackets was installed along with new reproduction artwork underlay. It looks simply amazing to see a nice new, clean piece of glass on a game that is 38 years old.

The audio regulator board was also rebuilt in this game. An original Asteroids cocktail table coin box was acquired to replace the missing one, too. It is as complete of an Asteroids cocktail table that you will find anywhere. It's perfect for the Asteroids fan or to operate in a bar where adults will appreciate this classic game. Even the coin mechanism is complete and functions normally.

This game didn't see a lot of use which is why it's in such good condition. The original coin counter shows just over 25000 credits which is quite low for a game of this age and considering its immense popularity.

Delivery anywhere in So. CA is available for a nominal fee depending on location. Additional pics and video is available of the game working.

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