1981 Midway Omega Race Upright Video Arcade

Here is a hard to find, working 100% Midway Omega Race upright. It was released in 1980 and was intended to compete directly with the highly successful Atari Asteroids. This arcade game features a Wells Gardner 19v2000 black and white vector graphics monitor. The monitor utilized proprietary Atari technology that ultimately landed Midway Manufacturing (and Wells Gardner) into a law suit with Atari. The resultant litigation was promptly won by Atari and Midway was forced to cease production of Omega Race and pay royalties for the machines that were already released. As you can imagine, Omega Race was the only vector game released by Midway.

Finding a working Omega Race is extremely rare because the PCB design from Midway had a nickel-cadmium battery mounted at the top of the board. This battery would usually within a few years, leak corrosive alkaline down the board destroying IC chips and critical traces. Today, finding a non-functional Omega Race cabinet is easy but finding a 100% working game with original hardware is nearly impossible.

This OR does have some minor alkaline damage on the PCB, it was neutralized and the battery removed very early in its life. This game also has an NOS spinner POT installed for silky smooth control of the players ship - another common problem area typically found in this game. The sound section of the board was recapped along with the original linear power supply. The game plays and works properly. Even all of the original fluorescent inner artwork is present along with the amber colored gel used on top of the black and white monitor tube - also commonly missing or damaged on this game.The monitor itself was recapped. The cabinet is solid with no water damage or swelling. It was reinforced in the past with some extra screws along the back side. The sideart has the typical cracking seen in this title but it looks fine. All of the lighting in the cabinet is working good.

That game is located in Santa Clarita Valley and delivery is available most anywhere in So CA. for a nominal fee.

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