1981 Bally Midway Solar Fox Upright Arcade Game

A very rare, cool, fun game with that 3D effect from the reflection glass. Game works flawless. Cabinet has been painted at some time in it's life, so the art work is gone. The marquee is excellent. The glass has some etching in it, but the graphics are excellent. The cardboard 3D effect is in very good condition, some tears here and there, but not noticeable.

Run over or shoot "Fuzors" while ships on each of the four sides of the screen travel back and forth or up and down trying to shoot you.

New coin cell battery kit added, new MCR ribbon cables, MCR 6116 NVRAM Module for High-Score save. Original Manual and Schematics included.

:: Serial Number 1664 ::

:: Monitor Electrohome G07-CBO ::

:: KLOV Game Details ::

:: Located: Las Vegas ::