1950's NOS A.B.T. Nickel Coin Slide

This Coin Slide is the most commonly used after WW II through the 1950’s and 1960’s. It has the 3 hole mount, and universal punched hole tongue to fit almost every machine made to take a coin slide. It features 3 point slug rejection, detecting for brass washers, ferrous metal slugs (with a built in magnet), and token rejection.

When Walt Tratsch’s A.B.T. coin slide first hit the market in the early 1920’s, it accepted the coin, rejected slugs and actuated the machine. Almost all the coin-op manufacturers bought A.B.T. slides for their machines. After WW II He improved it to this 3 mounting hole style, with superior slug rejection, and an 8 inch long tongue (from the back of the mounting plate), with two punched holes at the end for the many universal conversion brackets offered, that are usually with the machine that needs one of these slides.

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