S.S. Minnow Bally Gilligan's Island Pinball Topper

Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14"

SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED Ready for Immediate Display

Not a Model Ship kit. Inspired by the charter boat and pleasure yacht S.S. Minnow, famous from the television sitcom Gilligan's Island starring Bob Denver, this is a fine-crafted model yacht replica of the SS Minnow.

14" Long x 4" Wide x 7" High

  • Handcrafted wooden model pleasure boat
  • SS Minnow stencil decal on prow and stern
  • Wooden base fitted to precisely support SS Minnow model yacht
  • Rare, high quality woods such as birch, maple and yellow siris used for construction
  • Exhaustively researched and painted accurate to the actual SS Minnow fishing boat

:: Located: Las Vegas ::