1946 Central Manufacturing Hi Fly Trade Stimulator

It's a table top trade stimulator made by The Central Manufacturing Co. of Chicago, Illinois. The game works by inserting a nickel into the left or right coin slot, pull back a spring loaded arm, and let 'er fly!! The coin itself is launched and mazes its way through the playfield into the categories of hit, double, triple, home run, or out. The field holds the nickel in the categories until the tilt lever at the top of the game is pulled and resets the field to empty. The game itself and all mechanics do work, but could use a good lubing. The graphics on the glass are faded in some areas and peeling in areas.  The game measures approx. 22" tall x 16" wide x 10" deep at the base. This is a truly rare game and though it shows its age, it is still functional, attractive, and way cooler than most baseball games of the era.

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