1931 Peo Sales Corp Miniature Baseball Trade Stimulator

1931 "Miniature Baseball World Champion" Coin Operated Game. One of the most intriguing coin-operated baseball games of the 1930s. This piece titled "Miniature Baseball World Champion," is all original and accepts pennies for an extremely fun game that flips steel balls in a spiral to obtain hits or an out. Dimensions are 16.5" x 10.25" x 8.5".

1 Cent "World Champion" Flip Baseball Trade Stimulator c1931, by Peo Sales Corp. Rochester, NY., restored w/ key. Gottlieb made the same machine and called it "Miniature Baseball" also made in 1931. Once the Gottlieb vs. Peo spiral copying situation was resolved D. Gottlieb and Company announced a license agreement with Peo and promptly introduced "Miniature Baseball".

One recently asking price on eBay 2012 for $1,075, One sold at the Morphy Auction for $2,280

This one is considerably less to buy.

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