Cash For Arcade Video Games and Pinball Machines

Not limited too these but these are some we are looking for. BurgerTime, Dig-Dug, Discs-Of-Tron, Frogger, Qbert, Batman 66, Cat Woman, Addams Family, Tapper, Jaws, PaperBoy, Gavitar, Varkon, SpaceZap, Bagman, Snake Pit, Snap Jack, Mold-A-Rama, Penny Pitch, Strikes N' Spares, Willy Wonka, Bad Cats Pinball, Strikes N Spares, Paddle Battle, Pong, Lunar Battle, Tempest MultiGame (early version), Atari Touch Me, Chicken Shift, TV Goalee, Death Race, Rip Cord, Nintendo Helifire, Flying Fortress, The Stripper. I will pay cash..

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