Items For Sale

Brain Teaser Simon Style Coin Operated Game

Arcade Machine Brain Teaser Test your Brain Power. This game is similar to Simon the Color Memory Game. Quarter for 3 plays, great for game rooms. Adjustable speaker volume and level of difficulty. Includes a pedestal stand.

2004 Sega Ghost Squad 2 Player Upright Arcade Machine

Looking to sell or trade this. Working for the most part. The second player targeting on the lower right has an issue. The game uses "IC Cards" to save your player data. The first time you insert it into the machine it asks you...

1999 Sega Jambo Safari Sit Down Video Machine

coming soon - will be cleaned and gone through and repaired if needed.

1987 Atari Blasteroids Upright Video Machine

coming soon - will be cleaned and gone through and repaired if needed.

1982 Williams Robotron 2084 Upright Video Machine

coming soon - will be cleaned and gone through and repaired if needed.

1980 Atari Centipede Upright Arcade Machine

coming soon - will be cleaned and gone through and repaired if needed.

Chicago Gaming Ultimate Arcade 2 Upright Machine

Super clean game, like new. Play your favorite classic games with the Chicago Gaming Company Ultimate Arcade 2. Made by a real manufacturer of coin-operated arcade games, the Ultimate Arcade2 has all your favorite games from Atari,...


1985 Sircoma Draw Poker Video Machine from the Rio Hotel Casino

A nice original working Video Poker machine by Sircoma. IGT was built on video poker. Back in 1979, Si Redd and Sircoma (the former company that later became IGT) introduced its very first game patent — a single-game family video poker...

1980 Midway Pac-Man Upright Video Machine

A very nice working machine. Gone through completely and working as it should. Nice original coin door, nice control panel, nice marquee and glass monitor bezel. Monitor has been rebuilt. Original slow speed (can add the speed up if you wish).

1981 Stern Konami Super Cobra Upright Arcade Video Machine

All original working game. Original 4-way joystick works great and very accurate. Buttons all work good since I adjusted the switches. Cabinet is ok, I have seen worse. The bottom of the cabinet has splintered. All the wiring is in excellent shape...


1982 Nintendo Popeye Upright Arcade Video Machine

Nice original working game. Cabinet is solid except for the wammo on the bottom left side (fixable). Monitor is fully rebuilt including the sound board. Joystick is fully rebuilt with new parts. Has new cabinet base made out of hard wood for...

Hand Held Games from the 70's 80's and 2000's

Very nice working games. Battery compartments are clean. Games are cosmetically good. Sold as shown. List as follows: Mattel Classic Football 2 (2002) SOLD Mattel Classic Baseball (2001) Mattel...

Pinball New Reproduction Instruction Cards

1936 Chicago Coin Ginger (1 card) 1957 Williams Ten Strike (1 card) 1959 Williams Pinch Hitter (4 cards) 1968 Williams Ball Park (4 cards) 1957 Williams Mini Golf (1 card) 1940 Chicago Coin All American (2...

Pitch & Bat Ball Flap - New

New Pitch and Bat ball flap unpainted. Cut from .006 spring steel. No holes drilled as each bracket maybe different. Specify which shape you need. Size is 7 1/4" x 2" rectangle. Custom size upon request. $20.00 each plus shipping, which...

19 Inch Arcade Game LCD Monitor Complete

KORTEK 19-Inch LCD CGA/VGA Monitor with frame, for Jamma, MAME, and Cocktail game cabinets, also industrial  panel mount, power adapter, and cables.

1951 Bally 42nd and Broadway Bingo Playfield

This was found in an attic of a home in Las Vegas. All original and in descent restorable condition. To be polished and cleaned and then hung on a wall for now.

1980 and 1981 Midway Pac-Man & Ms Pac-Man Game Boards

I have 5 Pac-Man game logic boards and 1 Ms Pac-Man game logic board. All in various conditions for parts or repair. See photos and choose which one you want. Price is for each board. UPDATE: Ms Pac-Man Daughter card and 1 board...

Galaga original Filter 91408 board with cables

Galaga Filter P.C. board. Item is in good condition. A080-91408-B508. This item May or May NOT work. We have no way of testing this. It however is complete with cables as shown. Picture is of the actual board.

Galaga original Linear power supply 90420

Pulled from Midway Galaga upright machine. Non working with blown diode (see photos).

1981 Midway Gorf Used Control Panel

Used original panel pulled from our personal machine. Has wear, see photos for details. Joystick not included.

ZiLOG Z80 CPU DIP-40 Microprocessor IC New

Brand new Z80b 8 bit 6 MHz 5 V CPU IC Microprocessor. Branded ZiLOG. Used in Midway Arcade Games and many others such as Pacman and Ms Pacman.

Philips PCD5101P DIP-22 DIP IC chip

New Philips PCD5101P Static CMOS RAM chip commonly used in Omega Race and Pinball machines.

Disco Electronics Corp TG-3001 Monitor Frame

I have an empty 19" monitor frame that used to have a GO7-CBO chassis and CRT in it. Chassis is a Disco Electronics Corp TG-3001, Model DMC-2090DT-2A. Some hardware included (nuts and bolts).

Bally Midway Solar Fox Glass Bezel and Mirror

I have a nice glass monitor bezel with some minor graffiti on the glass (does not affect game play and can possibly be polished out). Also included is a perfect reflection mirror. $40.00 each

Atari Volcano Cherry Buttons and Cones NOS

New NOS buttons and some cones. Price is each + $3.00 for a cone. Used on: Agent X, Arabian, Assualt, Asteroids Deluxe, Black Widow, Centipede, Cloak & Dagger, Crystal Castles, Dig Dug, Dragon Spirit, Fast Freddie, Food Fight, Galaga...

Pac-Man Upright Arcade Glass Monitor Bezel

A nice used glass monitor bezel from a Pac-Man upright arcade machine. Has wear on the edges, can be fixed or left alone, most is not shown when it' in the game cabinet. No graffiti on glass.

1984 Fire Escape NOS Control Panel Overlay

A NOS CPO for the 1984 Fire Escape upright game. Has slight damage from shipping.

Coin Boxes with Lids Various

Coin Boxes for various Atari & Midway games. Available Available Sold Sold Sold Sold A good reference for what box works with what game, can be found

Monopoly Pieces - All but board and box

This is from a circa 1973 board game. The board and box where water damaged (sold upon request only). The bits and pieces are complete and in excellent condition. Money tray is not included (upon request only).

1927 Maytag Wringer Washer Machine

1927 Model 92 Maytag washer machine. Manufactured Newton, IA. Gyrator washer, square cast aluminum tub, electric or gasoline engine. All original condition with original decals. Electric motor works. Gas motor unknown if...

1946 Maytag Dual Cylinder Motor

Model 72-DA September 1946 twin cylinder Maytag washer engine. All original, unknown if working but does spin freely. To be restored.

1971 Pepsi Cola 16 oz Full Bottle

A nice full Pepsi Cola bottle from 1971.

Vendorlator (VMC) 33, 72, 88 and other models Serial Plate New

Model and serial number plate. Blank so you can put your machine's numbers in. Measures 3.75" W x 2.25" H.  Hole spacing - on center 3.5 x 2". Other models include VMC-139 and VMC-149 and more.

John Deere 1 1/2 HP Hit and Miss Stencil

I have created a John Deere Hit and Miss 1 1/2 hp stencil that looks exactly like the original. Painting the name/logo on it will outlast a vinyl decal any day. 2 three layer vinyl stencils (paper backing, stencil vinyl, clear...

Soccer Autographed Framed Jerseys from Personal Collection

Four team autographed jerseys. One player jersey Ricardo Kaká & AC Milan of Brazil -- all of them are framed professional. A little history on these jerseys: FIFA.Com Media Release 8 June 2004 June 2004: ...

Large Lot of Video Game Original Flyers in Mint Condition

Coming Soon over 1000 flyers in 2 books with multiples. Will be sold as a lot of all flyers.

Neon Signs For Sale Various

Various prices. All have been restored or refurbished.

Phoenix Arcade Marquee in Frame

I nice used marquee that has been framed in wood. Ready for you man cave wall..

Vintage 3 Color Pepsi Neon Sign

A very nice bright vintage Pepsi sign with the rare 3 colors.

Large Playboy Neon

Beautiful working Playboy heart shaped Neon sign that works nice and bright. Approx 5 feet wide by 4 feet high by 7 inches deep.

Puzzles - Wooden and Metal Various

All puzzles are in great complete condition. Prices vary from $5 to $10 each.

Tokens - Old and New - Rare and Not

4 Wild Island Tokens - Not sure if these are related to Wild Island in Sparks Nevada 1 Brunswick Zone Token - Romeoville, Illinois 1 Good-Time Token - General Use USA 1 35054 Vens Coupon Token...

1962 Pepsi Cola Bottle Rare

A very good to excellent condition bottle. A hard to find Rare Embossed Script early One Pint. No Deposit Pepsi Bottle.

1960 Pepsi Cola Bottle Rare

A very good to excellent condition bottle. A hard to find Rare Embossed Script early One Pint. No Deposit Pepsi Bottle.