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Cocktail Table Arcade Machine with 48 Classic Vertical Games

A great fun machine with 48 Classic games in a 2 player cocktail cabinet. 21 inch LCD screen, Pac-Man and Galaga art work. Play Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Space Invaders, Frogger and many others!

BurgerTime Micro Player

Armed with only a pepper shaker, Peter Pepper stepped into the arcade and into our hearts in 1982. Its highly addictive game play, unusual characters, and comedic storyline made BurgerTime an arcade classic. A game that’s still challenging, exceedingly fun, and a shining reminder of the family friendly vibe and excitement that defined the early days of video games. Features • Features artwork inspired by the original BurgerTime arcade cabinet.

1980 Atari Centipede Stand-Up Arcade Machine

A very good original machine. Once owned and or operated by Atari (see asset sticker). Trackball has been cleaned, rebuilt with new bearings and rollers. Monitor is bright and works great.

1979 Atari Asteroids cocktail table

Here is an original Atari Asteroids cocktail table. It features a real 15" black and white vector monitor for playing what is arguably the most successful and influential arcade game from the 1980's - ASTEROIDS! This is not a cocktail table that plays 1000's of games by utilizing crappy emulation on a PC based system. No delayed micro switch joystick controls, no sound glitches, no graphics issues. This is a real, original cocktail table as produced by Atari...

1952 Seeburg 100 Model C Select-o-matic Jukebox

Purchased over 30 years ago. 100% working and maintained. Have the original keys and the manual. Color wheels work. Front tubes have been changed from glass to chrome, as these get broken over the years anyways. Located in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

1981 Midway Omega Race Upright Video Arcade

Here is a hard to find, working 100% Midway Omega Race upright. It was released in 1980 and was intended to compete directly with the highly successful Atari Asteroids. This arcade game features a Wells Gardner 19v2000 black and white vector graphics monitor. The monitor utilized proprietary Atari technology that ultimately landed Midway Manufacturing (and Wells Gardner) into a law suit with Atari. The resultant litigation was promptly won by Atari and Midway was forced to cease production of Omega Race and pay royalties for the machines...

1980 Choice-Vend CVC-223 Pepsi Machine

All original working machine with the classic Pepsi Colors. Works and gets very cold. Have added a bypass coin mech switch that can be accessed through the bottle opener hole. 5 choice selecton. 223-10oz-12oz Cans. 79" tall 26 1/2" deep 30" wide - approx. 580 lbs

1950's Vendo VMC 88 Pepsi Machine Restored

A Vendorlator 88 model or VMC-88 as its model number. Vending capacity: 88 bottles, Late 1950's. Just completed restoration as of October 2016. This is the correct color scheme with the solid 1 color. They did make a 2 tone version, but this is not that one, as this is an earlier machine.. Pepsi blue paint color matched to my same era travel cooler. Powder coated all the insides, new chrome and cadmium plating. Stainless screws throughout. Original motor/compressor completely restored with new style starter. Gets...

Parts For Sale

Williams stainless steel coin door slot covers

Williams stainless steel coin doors were used on many video games and pinball machines, starting in the late 1960's through the mid-1980's. These reproduction aluminum covers are clear anodized and feature the Williams red "W" logo inside a circle.  Just as the originals, they can be used to cover coin slots in the door that are not in use.  These are an SCV Games exclusive product and not available anywhere else.  

Williams Speaker Grill Panels - New Reproduction

These are custom bent, steel mesh speaker grills that are powder coated glossy black. The hole pattern is an identical match to the original Williams plastic grill and these fit perfectly on your original speaker panel. There are three different sizes of grills available:   Joust, Robotron, Stargate, Varkon. Sinistar, Moon Patrol, Bubbles. Defender.   $40 each plus $15.00 shipping (within the USA).

Coin Boxes with Lids Various

Coin Boxes for various Atari & Midway games. Available Available Sold Sold Sold Sold A good reference for what box works with what game, can be found here.

1933 NOS A.B.T. Penny Coin Slide

An original vintage 1933 A.B.T. ONE CENT Coin Slide. Has the three (3) hole mount. This Coin Slide was the most commonly used model before WW II. It has the three (3) hole mount to fit almost every machine made to take a coin slide. It features three (3) point slug rejection, detecting for brass washers, ferrous metal slugs (with a built in magnet), and token rejection. When Walt Tratsch’s A.B.T. coin slide first hit the market in the early 1920s, it accepted the coin, rejected slugs and actuated the machine. Almost all the...

Pinball New Reproduction Instruction Cards

1936 Chicago Coin Ginger (1 card) 1957 Williams Ten Strike (1 card) 1959 Williams Pinch Hitter (4 cards) 1968 Williams Ball Park (4 cards) 1957 Williams Mini Golf (1 card) 1940 Chicago Coin All American (2 cards) 1995 Bally Theatre of Magic Custom (2 cards) EM Instruction cards for the above games. Printed on Cream 65 lb Card Stock paper in same as original ink colors, just like the original. This is as close as you can get to the original style. Printed to order. ToM Instruction...

Engraved Arcade Signs and More

Games Played At Your Own Risk No Refunds - 9" x 8" Arcade No Drinking Smoking Gambling Swearing No Soliciting - 12" x 10" Custom Signs to your Order Available

Pitch & Bat Ball Flap - New

New Pitch and Bat ball flap unpainted. Cut from .006 spring steel. No holes drilled as each bracket maybe different. Specify which shape you need. Size is 7 1/4" x 2" rectangle. Custom size upon request. $20.00 each plus shipping, which is $5.80 Priority Mail within the USA. ...

Atari Serial Number and Patents Decals

These are a remanufactured copies of the original decals that came on Atari arcade machines. These are high quality, and very close to the original as you can get for any restoration, or replacement. The serial number decals are prinited on metal material, and require a typewriter to enboss the serial number on the decal, just like the original decal. Atari USA Patent decal Atari USA 038158-04 Atari USA 035723-01 Rev. A Atari FCC White 036994-01 Priority shipping within the...

Others For Sale

1950's Vendo Pepsi Coin Changer with Stand

Pepsi Themed Vendo Coin Changer On Stand, c1950s, The Vendo Company Kansas City. A fully mechanical machine. Changes Dimes and Quarters for Nickels. Capacity is 400 Nickels ($20.00). Base machine is 5" deep x 13" wide x 15" tall at 21.4 pounds. 60" tall with stand.

1950's Original Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles Travel Cooler

Vintage 1950s Drink Coca Cola In Bottles Travel Cooler with Tray, Bottle Opener, Drain Plug. Does have very minor scuffs and marks. The bottom is solid with no rust. Lettering on the sides are embossed. Action Mfg. Co., Inc Arkansas City, Kansas is the manufacture. Made In USA.

Vintage 3 Color Pepsi Neon Sign

A very nice bright vintage Pepsi sign with the rare 3 colors.

Large Playboy Neon

Beautiful working Playboy heart shaped Neon sign that works nice and bright. Approx 5 feet wide by 4 feet high by 7 inches deep.

Stand for Vintage Slot Machine with Cubby and Door

I have this great slot machine stand that will work with any vintage slot, trade stimulator or whatever. 29" tall x 13" deep x 18" wide.

1927 John Deere 1 1/2 HP Hit and Miss Engine

A nice working Hit and Miss. New gas poly gas tank, new governor, rebuilt mag with new case. Rocker arm has an old repair, but works flawless. Too be restored like new.

Puzzles - Wooden and Metal Various

All puzzles are in great complete condition. Prices vary from $5 to $10 each.

Bar Stool Racer with NOS 5 HP Motor

This is the original Pro Barstool racer not a copy. Fully welded frame, with steering gussets. 1-1/4" tube frame, rear bumper, mechanical disc brake, 1" live axle, racing slicks, 5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine, 64 tooth sprocket, aluminum racing wheels, billet wheel hubs, T bar steering, aluminum tie rods, twist grip throttle control, pro brake lever, powder coated frame. Custom tuned exhaust. NOS bar stool :) Front and Rear aluminum wings. This thing hauls ass with disabled governor.

Tokens - Old and New - Rare and Not

4 Wild Island Tokens - Not sure if these are related to Wild Island in Sparks Nevada 1 Brunswick Zone Token - Romeoville, Illinois 1 Good-Time Token - General Use USA 1 35054 Vens Coupon Token Center Punched - Unknown USA 1 Jimmy's Arcade - Bakersfield California Various Unknown General Use Tokens

Shipman Mfg Co Coin Operated Postage Stamp Machine

A very nice all original working Shipman Mfg Co Stamp Machine. Original porcelain front in excellent condition. 4 selection stamp choice. Has the 4 original weights, and cash box. Lock bar is there, but no lock. 20"h, 12"w, 5.5"d, 25.75lbs total


Bunch of these fun shirts were made in 2008 for the Celebrity Pinball Tournament & Arcade Game Show event in Los Angeles. They've been in storage ever since and were exclusively available at this event only. I'm offering these now at the blow-out price of $10 each plus shipping until they are gone. The front says "I (heart) Knockers." The back features the WMS exploded diagram of a knocker assembly and the parts listing for that assembly. It says, "Thwack!"...

1962 Pepsi Cola Bottle Rare

A very good to excellent condition bottle. A hard to find Rare Embossed Script early One Pint. No Deposit Pepsi Bottle.

1960 Pepsi Cola Bottle Rare

A very good to excellent condition bottle. A hard to find Rare Embossed Script early One Pint. No Deposit Pepsi Bottle.

SDCC10: Sam's Light Cycle Diecast in Un-Opened box

Here is an excellent condition Un-Opened box of the Sam's Light Cycle Limited Edition Diecast from Comic-Con 2010. A limited edition die-cast replica of Sam's Light Cycle from the "Tron Legacy" movie. Limited Edition - only 3000 pieces available, $5 was the original price. At that price, expect them to dissappear faster than a hot cosplay girl realizing a horde of 300lb con photographers are closing in. Items where available at the Tron booth (inside the Disney Booth) at San Diego Comic Con 2010.

SDCC10: Tron Vintage Figure in Un-Opened Box

A perfect Un-Opened Disney TRON Vintage Figure. Limited Edition of 1500, and here is one of them from Comic-Com 2010. This is a static figure of Tron from the original "Tron" movie and comes in a package made to look like the Tron arcade game. The figure has a light-up feature on the base that can be activated in or out of the arcade-style packaging. Limited Edition – only 1,500 pieces, available, $40 was the original price. At that price, expect them to dissappear faster than a hot cosplay girl realizing a...

2 Never Used Schluter Champion RC Helicopters For Sale

Schluter Champion RC Helicopters Both complete and never run. Nitro powered Helicopters. These are older style. Always displayed and never run or used in anyway. Controller, misc parts, and starter also included.

Insert Coin Unzip Shake Well Guaranteed Action Internal Use Only Metal Belt Buckle

100% Brand New Buckle Size about: 9.0* 7.0cm(3 1/2" * 2 3/4") Material: Metal / Alloy Package Include: 1 x Buckle , no belt

1950's Pepsi Ice Chest Cooler with Orginal Box

It is in very good condition! Has some dents on the lid top. Handle has the plating flaking off in areas. It has the original box, tray, pamphlet, and No Rust!

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