Easter Eggs

Game Easter Eggs

· Free plane - On certain levels, a red “V” formation of planes will appear straight down from the top.  If you kill all 5 of them and it turns into a black & red “POW”, pick it u for a free plane.

· At times, a slow plane will come out from either the right or left side.  If shot, it will turn into a special object.  If you fly over it, you’ll get 5,000 points.

· It’s possible to finish the game.  A special screen will appear with the message “We give up!” with a special bonus of 10 million points!

· BUG: Getting a 100% shooting accuracy will net 10,000 points (or so it says on the screen), but you actually get 50,000!  If you let the last plane go and get a 99% rating, you’ll get 20,000 points.

· Ammunition trick - A little known trick in the game is to hold down the fire "A" button at the very end of a board immediately after beating the boss. By holding down the button until the plane takes off in the subsequent board, the game gives you a full ammunition load (65 Seconds)! This trick only works every third board or so and it may even change your selected weapon.

· Scoring trick - In each "boss level", kill all the enemies except the boss. If you do not kill the boss you will start back at the beginning of the level. This trick works only one time for each "level boss", but in the last level, round 16, if you never kill the boss you will continue to start back at the beginning every time. It is theoretically possible to score an infinite amount of points!

· BUG: A scoring glitch similar to the one in Paperboy also exists in this game, although currently it’s unknown how to reproduce it.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: The initials “AM” appear in the mouth of one of the criminals (picture #1), as well as the initials “AJM” on the hat of another (picture #2).  There’s also a steam locomotive with the name “MURPHY” on the side of it.  These are all for artist Alan Murphy.  {Alan Murphy}

· Warps:  If you hold down the FIRE button while pushing SIREN to start the game, you’ll have the option to warp from any day from 1 to 8. Press GUN+SIREN and start to get a level 1-16 warp.

· If you are having problems catching up to an A.P.B., simply stop and he/she will drive off the screen and re-appear right behind you in a couple of seconds (this works real well on narrow, crowded roads).

· When making the A.P.B. confess, be sure to tap one gun and one siren button. If you tap both gun or siren buttons, they will cancel each other out.

· You can arrest common criminals faster if you have the gun by tapping both the siren and gun at the same time (just be sure you are aiming right at them).

· List of criminals:

Day 03, FREDDY FREAK, Small town USA bar (1000 dollars)
Day 05, CANDY GOODBODY, Dead man Corner bar (2000 dollars) 
Day 07, BERNIE GASMAN, Highway 20 Forest Bar (3000 dollars) 
Day 09, PHILLIP FUSE, Highway 30 overpass (4000 dollars) 
Day 11, COOL HAND DUKE, Highway 00 in drinkerstown (5000 dollars)
Day 13, BUZZ GEIGER, Highway 40 past GasnGrub (6000 dollars)
Day 15, JOE KORNCOB, Highway 44 near GasnGrub (7000 dollars)
Day 17, LUIGI DE MUCCIO, Highway 50 at Milk Toast (8000 dollars) 
Day 19, DICK SLOB, Highway 70 near aquaduct (9000 dollars) 
Day 21, IGGY DINGDONG, Highway 70 (10000 dollars) 
Day 23, JUAN FINGERS, Highway 70 Alpine Flats (11000 dollars) 
Day 25, HANS OOP, Highway 99 Cactus Falls (12000 dollars) 
Day 27, FAKE FRANK, Highway 10 Police Station (13000 dollars) 
Day 29, SID SNIPER, Highway 70 overpass (14000 dollars) 
Day 31, BILLY BOB JACK, Highway 50 near bar (15000 dollars)

· Along the road you’ll see billboards for other Atari games – Paperboy, Gauntlet, Championship Sprint, and I,Robot (pictures #3 and #4).  You can see all of them on the first day.  Leave the station and take the first right.

· BUG: If you stop in front of a train, it will push you down the tracks and into the wood, where you end up permanently stuck (picture #5).  Also, you’ll hear various (voice) sound effects continuously playing.

· RUMOR: According to a booklet that came with the Feb 1988 issue of Computers and Video Games magazine, there’s a bug that can get you a lot of points. It's described as follows, “When you find the train, get in front of it, and let it push you across the screen. It will shove you through a lot of rubbish, and after a while you will get millions of points”.  The bug can’t be reproduced either on a real machine or in MAME, as of yet.

· The game will play itself if it has the credits to continue.

· Super power-up - When your ship first appears, don’t touch/shoot anything.  Let yourself die.  When the next ship appears, you will restart with the maximum size ship with Homing Missiles.  Also, the longer you manage to stay alive this first time, the larger your cheat bonus will be.

· Whenever the player selects "Wing" (for additional pods of the current weapon type), or changes weapon type entirely, there is a grace period of about two seconds during which all enemy shots will pass right through the ship.

· BUG: If you grab an alien and jump just as the stage times out (pictures #1-#6), you’ll max the score counter (9,999,9XX).

· BUG: If your score is low enough, purposely hitting slalom poles on the 2nd round will cause your score to roll-over backwards, to 999,999! (see picture)

· There is an undocumented option available that switches the planes into UFO's. Pin 14 of the 003127 IC (a PROM located at grid location K1) is tied to ground (at Pin 8 of K2), but also has a pull-up resistor. Cutting the ground trace causes address bit A4 to be pulled high, selecting the UFO data. A jumper can be installed to easily switch back and forth between planes and UFO's. The UFO version of the game was probably never released.

· BUG: Pixels are missing from the top of the 5 (see picture). This is a fault common to the code of the original ROMs on all of the boards (both Sun and Atari).

· Position yourself behind an opposing player and press the shoot and pass buttons at the same time. Your player will dive forward and pull down the pants of the opposing player. This will make him drop the ball as well as "freeze" for a couple of seconds while he pulls up his pants. Take this time to steal the ball. This is not much of a trick because if you play long enough the game will tell you how to do it. 

· Pressing the attack button while selecting rider allows you to mix and match the sled and rider of your choice. Pressing Start and Attack on the track select screen will toggle 'no drone' mode and a harder difficulty setting. All three apply for one race only.

· Secret Rooms: There are many secret rooms that can be entered by shooting combinations of inanimate objects in the game. For example, shooting all the office windows out after going up the ladder in the hangar will take you to "Shake your Buddha", where you can take shots at the stationary heads of the development team and increase your score and streak. Taking out all the windows on the back wall of the hangar will take you to another secret room full of power-ups.

· Kron Hunter: Instead of starting out the game normally, avoid shooting the aliens. Instead, shoot the first three members of STAAR that appear on the screen (the guys in blue). Do not worry, after your health gets down to one, the aliens will not hurt you any more. After shooting the third member of STAAR, you will get an info screen talking about Kron Hunters, and you will start the game over as one. The graphics palette will be completely whacked, and when you are done, a Kron Hunter symbol (a green K) will appear next to your high score, rather than a military ranking.

· Some cheats are accessible by shooting certain objects on the screen that are in the background, which will lead you to a different path in the level. Another cheat is to be a perfect shot with your gun with a 100 percent hit ratio, this will bring you into a bonus round.

· A hidden level not normally accessible can be revealed by using a cheat code in MAME (see picture).

· As soon as the match begins, if your timing is right, pushing "left" will catch the computer player off guard and score an automatic full "power" and generally helps you to beat the computer player faster. Be careful not to foul twice or your game is over!

· Programmer Tim Skelly states the Morse code sounds actually spell out "DONT REGISTER".  This was in reference to the U.S. Government's ploy on army conscription at this time in history (1980), forcing every male of age to register, even though there was no draft.

· Finish a level with 0 seconds left and you will get credit for the maximum time on a level. On some levels this can be worth an extra 17,000 points! {Mitch Ross}

· Space walk: On level 1, it's possible to drive your tank over the rocky edges of a level into open space! Approach the 2 cannons at the end of level 1. Destroy the left one. Shoot the right one until he is one nuke from exploding: 8 shots or 2 nukes. Face the right canon, and back up. Drive near the right wall. When he's almost at the top of the screen, hit him with a nuke. Immediately drive backwards and turn around the corner to your bottom right. If you've done it right, you'll end the level with a space walk!  {Mitch Ross}

· When you start a level, the Enemies aren't alive. They only wake up when you drive near them. This "near" distance ranges from half a screen to one and a half screens ahead of you.

· When using the lift, you wake up (a lot of) distant enemies. Some of them may start moving away from you, rapidly going beyond this limit. The result is that when you use the lift, you often won't see all of the enemies present on the level. Try playing level one with and without the lift- you'll always get a lower score with the lift. This is because there are fewer enemies left to shoot.

· Enemies disappear when a certain distance from you.  This is because the CPU isn’t fast enough to render all the enemies at once without having the framerate drop. The same rules also apply to buildings and enemy rubble. When you move far enough away from rubble, it goes away, revealing the clean unharmed ground below. For buildings, this means they rebuild themselves.  {Mitch Ross}

· On one level (8?), there are small orange tanks hidden in small domes. These domes rebuild, and when shot the rebuilt tanks appear too!  {Mitch Ross}

· On the higher levels (9 and up) the yellow tanks can be made to appear on command. Approach the edges of a level slowly, and you can make each wave of them appear on queue. It takes practice, but once mastered you can clean up on the points.

· On last level, run around outside edge and all enemies (except cannons) will disappear!

· The pcb is capable of outputting 3-D stereo sound, but the cabinet only has a single speaker.  The test mode hints at other features that were never implemented (3-D shutter glasses, 2-player controls, multi-game linking, and cocktail table mode).

· Unused music is hidden in the ROMS, which was later used as the intro music for Assault Plus.

· BUG: The manual states your grenades are triple the fire power of your tank's standard shots, but they’re actually the same as 4 shots.

· 2 versions of the game program exist (with each having 2 minor revisions).  The original version had some glitches (described below) that were corrected in the later version.

· 2 in-house versions were made, as practical jokes.  One was nicknamed “Turtleroids” where the UFOs were replaced by turtles.  The other was a modification to the high score table to replace Own Rubin’s initials (“ORR”) with Ed Logg’s.

· 3 cabinet variations were produced, one with a white border around the edges (picture #1) and one with “ASTEROIDS” in large red letters on the sides (picture #2).  The white border versions are thought to have all been produced in Atari’s Ireland plant.  The earliest Asteroids games produced actually used Lunar Lander cabinets (with the graphics intact).  In addition, 3 different coin doors were used – the (then-standard) flat coin door, the more common newer style, and one with 3 coin slots.

· A special gold cabinet (with different marquee and control panel art) was made to celebrate the 50,000 machine produced (pictures #3).  The gold Asteroids appeared in worse shape (but with a different marquee?) in Atari’s final days (pictures #4 and #5).  Perhaps there were more than one made?

· There are 2 known variations of the monitor glass.  Early production machines had the lettering in gold (picture #6).  Later machines had all-white lettering.

· The reserve ships can stretch across the entire top of the screen (up to 59)!

· BUG:  Rev. 1 tricks - The original software version (says “Asteroids by Atari” at bottom of screen, instead of “1979 Atari”) had an invulnerability glitch, where you could hide in the upper corners (in the score) and nothing would hit you.  Also, you can get your ship to fly backwards- thrust in one direction until reaching full speed, and then quickly turn around 180 degrees and continue thrusting. 

· BUG: Rev. 1 – the hyperspace button for player 2 won’t make a tone when pressed in test mode.

· BUG: Rev. 2a - every time you start a game, the last letter (initial) in the 10th score is erased.  This was fixed with Rev 2b.

· BUG: When too many asteroids are on the screen (there’s a limit), and a larger one is shot, it will disappear completely!

· BUG: If the reserve ships reach 256, the counter may reset, or the game may crash (no one has yet verified what happens).

· 2 versions of the game exist.  When the game came out, players complained it was too hard, so an easier set was created (often called the “European” version).  Determining which version you are playing can be discerned by noting when the first appearance of a Killer Satellite occurs - in the original version this is near the end of the second wave, in the revised version it will appear near the end of the first wave (and moves much more slowly).  The 2ndversion allows you to hunt for satellites much like you could hunt UFOs in the original Asteroids.  A 3rd version is believed to have been made that didn’t allow for this.

· Although the attract screen claims a 1980 copyright, the game was officially introduced in March of 1981.

· The front glass on the upright was originally square with the cabinet. This produced a glare on the screen. Atari later released a "glare reduction kit" which retro fit an angled glass into the cabinet that reduced glare. Once applied, the kit enclosed the speaker which resulted in deeper base tones.  Another revision did away with the internal mirror altogether and had the monitor facing out like the original Asteroids machine.

· The score rolls over at 1 million.

· There are 25 secret bonuses! Only a few are known (listed below):

· You get 1,000 points for shooting w/o missing throughout “Fuel Status Marginal”.

· You get 700 points for demolishing an entire horizontally moving attack force before it reaches the right-hand side of the screen.

· You get 600 points for going through an entire sector w/o hitting “critical” laser temp.

· You get 500 points for not losing a ship through an entire sector.

· Docking with mother ship without moving your ship (dead center is worth 1,000 points; close-to-the-edge dockings are worth 1,500). In addition, you can get from 400 to 1,500 points for docking perfectly w/o using the directional buttons.

· There is a 10k bonus trick.  Normally, if you hit the GS mother ship with your first shot you get 950 points, otherwise you get 300.   However, if you miss with you first shot and then destroy it with your 55th shot (counting from the beginning of the level, or when you start with a new ship) you get 10k!  There are 4 waves per level - 11 enemies on the 1st, 12 on the 2nd and 3rd, and 15 on the 4th (50 total), so you can miss 3 times (or hit comets) before you reach the mother ship.

· BUG: If you press “5” during the attract mode, occasionally part of the Stern Mother Ship will remain on the screen (until a game starts).  {Scott Huggins}

· Some of the video footage came from a 1979 Toei space film, some came from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", and some came from the 1980 film "Battle Beyond the Stars." The rest was made specifically for the game.

· BUG: In some two-player models built in late 1978 and early 1979, there was a bug that would allow the QB to throw a pass after crossing the line of scrimmage, then going back behind it. When the QB crossed scrimmage, all the defending X players would leave their receivers open as they pursued the run, making long completions easy.

· Spinning the spinner at a high rate during parts of the attract-mode will result in the programmer's name (Tim Stryker) appearing in approx. three inch letters across the center of the screen.

· Except for the first level, the wheelbarrow can randomly appear on either the leftmost screen or the rightmost screen to start the level.

· BUG: If you die while holding the last bag in your hand, you progress to the next level but do not get the extra life.

· The game’s full credts are shown every third time the theme music plays during the attract mode.

· The default initials on the high score table are of the some of the programming team (picture #1), except for the first 2 spots, which are for Batman and The Joker.

· It’s possible for one of The Joker’s henchman to shoot him off the Cathedral (picture #2).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: If Batman knocks The Joker off the Cathedral at the same he dies – either by The Joker or one of his henchmen (picture #3), the game will ignore The Joker being “killed” and if you have any reserve lives, you’ll simply restart at the last section.  However, if you’re on your last life in the same situation, you’ll see The Joker fall to his death while the options to continue the game will be onscreen (picture #4)!

· BUG: Occasionally if Batman knocks The Joker off the Cathedral at the same time he falls (picture $5), when The Joker hits the ground, the game will be stuck in a loop where the Joker’s scream keeps playing over and over while Batman keeps briefly appearing at the bottom of the screen (picture #6).  Moving the joystick Left will cause the Batman graphic to face left.  Most times, however, this endless loop bug won’t occur, and the only odd thing that might happen is a brief appearance of Batman at the bottom, near the right side of the Cathedral (picture #7).

· BUG: The graphics for the Batman logo sometimes appear glitched after losing a life (picture #8).

· When the game is first turned on, the rank/difficulty is at the hardest level. After it’s left in the attract mode for a while (approximately 30 minutes), the level drops down to the easiest.  This was done in response to players who took advantage of a “loophole” in the company’s previous title, Battle Garegga.

· When the game is first turned on, the rank/difficulty is reset to the easiest level.  Players soon learned about this and would cycle the power on the game every time they played.

· different early names were used – Future Tank and Moon Tank.  From programmer, Ed Rotberg: "I believe the working title was Future Tank. There couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 made under that name. By the time we got to AMOA (Amusement and Music Operators Association - the main trade show) it had been given its final name. At one time it looked like it was going to be called Moon Tank, so when I was told to put some vectors together for a planet, I looked in my Almanac and did a crude picture of the East coast of Australia.". Also, a prototype of a cocktail version was developed, including full glass-top artwork and control panel. Only one is known to exist as it was not released for production.

· A special version was designed for the U.S. Army, commonly referred to as “Army Battlezone”. Only 2 were made. The first version is called the IFV(Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and was sent to Ft. Eustice, VA.  It used a down-sized controller that was adapted from an actual Bradley.  The second version is called the Bradley Trainer (or the Bradley Fighting Vehicle), and the controller was slightly redesigned, which was later used in Star Wars and a few other games (pictures #1-#6). The game is more a simulation, solely designed for the purpose of training tank gunners. The other tanks do not fire at you (although their turrets will *flash* to show they are), and the only way to end the game is to run out of ammo or shoot a 'friendly' tank or helicopter. A small blurb about the game appeared in the first issue of Atari Age magazine (picture #7). For more information, check out:http://coinop.org/kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/armybattlezone.html

· Missiles will jump over any objects in your path, but if you hide behind an object while a missile attacks, it will jump over both the object and your tank!

· The initials of the some of the programming team are on the high score table (at power-up):

EDR = Ed Rotberg (programmer)
MPH - ?
JED - Jed Margolin (engineer)
DES - ?
TKE - ?
VKB - ?
EL - ?
HAD - ?
ORR - Owen Rubin (programmed volcano activity)
GJR - ?

· BUG: If the game is left on a long time or played for a long time, it may put up a bizarre score in hex.  {Ed Rotberg}

· RUMOR: Backing into a saucer is worth twice as many points (10,000).

· 2 versions exist.  The original release only had 3 different-colored robots (yellow, red, and white) of which the maximum # of (slow) bullets they’ll fire is 2.  Also, Evil Otto will double its speed at 5,000.  In the later version, extra robots (purple, green, and light blue) were added that eventually fire a max of 7 (fast) bullets.  Also, Evil Otto doesn’t speed up.

· “Necktie trick” - Bullets can pass between your head and body.

· BUG: Humanoid “ghost” trick - Walking through walls can sometimes be done.  Try with entrance barriers the same color as your humanoid (green).  There’s also a spot (?) where you can pass through the thick, outer wall between the bottom exit and the lower right corner.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Some of the larger (?) rocks around the course boundaries have messages on them, such as “NENKO” (picture #1), “SASAEI” (picture #2), and “OFHARA” (picture #3).  These are thought to be the programmer names.  You have to get the ball right next to it to make out the text clearly, but often you can tell if a rock has it from about 50 yards out (you can see one from the 16th tee).

· BUG: There’s a kill screen around 900k points. The game ends on a bonus screen.

· A prototype version exists with 30 waves and a continue option.  As a result of play testing, the game was then modified with a reduced level count and no continue.

· Free game & level warp - Picking up the S (special) coin awards one free credit.  It also takes you to the next level automatically. 

· BUG: Note the spelling of “lucky” as “lucy”!

· The early name for this was Breakthru.  Some pcbs actually have it screened on them.

· On the title screen, press LEFTJUMPLEFT1PLEFTFIRELEFT1P.  If done correctly, “Power Up” will appear at the bottom of the screen (in red), and you’ll have super speed and rapid fire.  This also works on BOBBLE BOBBLE.

· On the title screen, press BUBBLE, JUMP, BUBBLE, JUMP, BUBBLE, JUMP, RIGHT, 1P. If done correctly, “Original Game” will appear at the bottom of the screen (in blue).  You’ll get a lot more special power-ups during the game, such as the cross, level skips, entrance to the diamond room (every 20 levels?), and a few other cool things.
· To get the treasure room at level 20, 30, 40, and 50, press: FIRE, JUMP, FIRE, JUMP, FIRE, JUMP, LEFT, 1P.  If done correctly, “Original Game” will appear.

· There another secret mode, called Super (it will appear in the upper-left corner) that lets you start at stage 101. The sequence might be JUMP, BUBBLE, LEFT, RIGHT, BUBBLE, 1P.

· Special bonuses: If you can finish a level without destroying any cars, you’ll receive 50,000 points. Also, if you can land on one of the small islands, you’ll earn 1,000 points.  Both of these are mentioned in the manual.

· Try bumping cars only when they are behind you as you will not lose any speed (you will usually speed up, in fact) and you will not lose as much control either.

· BUG: If the road is wide enough and you are driving fast enough, you can actually jump off one side of the screen and reappear on the other side and land without crashing.

· If you can group all the enemies and drop them together it’s worth 32k points.

· The score rolls over at 1 million.

· The extra lives counter resets at 256.

· BUG: If the player dies while the last burger is completed (i.e., the final piece drops into place), Peter’s ‘death’ animation will briefly play before changing into the ‘victory’ animation, but you won’t lose a life.  Also, if you earn at least 1 extra life after that, you might see “GAME OVER” briefly flash when you lose all the lives you had at the point this trick is done.

· BUG: At level 28 and after, the level will start with the enemies moving at approximately 3x their normal speed but then they’ll begin to slow down, eventually to the point that they’re barely moving!

· BUG: When you finish a stage, your score restarts with zero points! It is impossible to get a good score!

· To see party hats and Afros at the stage-select screen, choose the Haunted House stage then pump the shotgun five times before the stage starts. You will see that the zombies and other characters will have crazy hats and even afros on their heads!

· You can enter codes after inserting coins, but before hitting the start button, by tapping the three view buttons. The codes show up on the digital speedometer. You can toggle fog, gravity, big head mode, etc.

· Hidden character - A grasshopper enemy was originally in the game, (picture #1) but taken out at the last minute. You can still see it by putting the game in test mode and cycling though all the different sprite graphics (picture #2).

· Both Centipede and Millipede actually simulate a joystick. Centipede was originally designed for use with a joystick; Trak-Ball support was added later. The input did not change - it still just checks to see if you are moving left/right/up/down. It totally feels like trackball control, but it’s not. It adds acceleration to the player in software.  {Mike Mika}

· On levels having complete Centipedes, fleas will never appear.

· To trap the centipede, allow the centipede to come near the bottom of the screen. When it is close to the left or right side, shoot the centipede once, causing a mushroom to appear and the centipede to come back under and near the mushroom. Now, shoot and make another mushroom. Repeat this process until you have a row of mushrooms almost vertically lined up near the bottom of the screen. Then, by either dying or just allowing the centipede to work his way back up, the centipede will be trapped between the edge of the screen and the mushrooms allowing you to shoot everything else.

· Cabaret (mini) cabinets and cocktail units were released with 19-inch monitors and there were also a limited number cocktails built with only 13-inch monitors.

· Several different versions of the side art were made; with either yellow, pink, blue, or purple outlines.

· It’s possible to score indefinitely, using the following strategy.  Have runners on 1st and 3rd with less than 2 outs (this is easiest to do within the first 2 innings).  Bunt the ball to the left of the pitcher, who will throw to home, but not in time (if his throw will get you out, reverse the runner, and then reverse him again when the catcher throws).  As soon as your lead runner scores, send the runner on 2nd to 3rd – the catcher will throw to 1st, so by the time he throws to 3rd, you’ll be safe and again have a runner on 1st and 3rd so repeat the strategy!

· BUG: A scoring glitch similar to the one in Paperboy also exists in this game, although currently it’s unknown how to reproduce it.

· Holding down the Start button at power-up will bring up configuration screen.

· Lion stage: at the very start, push left while jumping 3 times. After the first hoop, you’ll see an extra Charlie hanging by a hook (picture #1)!  Grab him for an extra life.   {Christopher Burnell}

· Lion stage: you can also get an extra life if you jump backwards through a hoop.  You can only use one extra life trick on each stage (not both).

· Lion stage: if you get all the money bags w/o losing a life, at the end of the stage a bird will fly over carrying a money bag, and dump coins on you, worth 1,840 points.

· Lion stage: if you jump over a flame pot w/o going through a hoop, you’ll get 500 points.  If you repeat this with the 2nd-to-last pot, you can easily earn over 5,000 points!

· Lion stage: if you jump backwards over one of the flame pots, a coin will pop up out of it and you’ll get 800 points (picture #2).  If you grab the coin before it falls back into the pot, you’ll get 3,000 points!  This will only work once per stage.  {Scott Stilphen}

· Tight rope stage: if you jump over a purple monkey while flipping backwards, you’ll get 5,000 points!

· Tight rope stage: at the end, jump on the lower platform and walk over to the right side.  Charlie will pull on a chain and the top platform will be filled with bags of money worth 5,000 points (pictures #3 and #4)!

· Each stage can only be played 5 times, until all 6 stages have been played 5 times each.

· The score counter will stop at 999,990.

· BUG: Between 920k-980k you’ll receive a free life for every 1,000 points!

· The original name was Agent X.  A few prototype marquees (picture #1) and pcbs exist with that name, as well as an early version of the game (picture #2).

· Level skips: According to programmer Rusty Dawe, there are around 7-12 transporter boxes hidden throughout the game, which are buried" in the walls on those levels that are "cave like" and have areas of dirt/rock. You can shoot into these walls to dig through them. Note that there’s a different set of buried transporters for going back up than those used for going down.  Some are on levels 5, 6, and 7 (the one on 7 allows you to skip all the way to the last 4 levels).  Going up, there are warps on levels 30 and 22.

· Level 20 skip: On level 1 there is a hidden box buried in the upper-left corner.  If you go up and shoot up through the wall you will expose this box.  Stand on it and press the button.  This will put you in the elevator at level 16.  Then just pull down on both joysticks to express elevator to level 20.  And I think there is a similar box (in a different location) on level 22.  If you can find the other ones, you can get down to level 32, which is the bottom level.  {Glenn Bruner}

· Once you go down all 31 levels (the last level is Dr. Boom's HQ) and grab the secret files (and kill Boom if you want), you need to go back up all 31 levels to the surface.  If you beat the game it shows you come out of the mountain and then it shows you a really brief glimpse of the plans. 

· RUMOR: There may be a setting that allows you to earn a free game, or you may have to finish the game.

· The game was programmed in 5 weeks. From Randy Pfeiffer: Colony 7 was “Randy, the line will go down in six weeks, can you write a game in six weeks? I wrote a game description, Jack Mittel (pres, Taito America) approved it, I finished it in five weeks, and Jack bought two cruise tickets in thanks.”

· 2 versions exist.  The original allowed the player to hide behind trees or other obstacles indefinitely; the newer ROM revision (U3-F at 8M and U4-F at 9M) was released to allow the enemy characters to hurl hand grenades at the soldier when he is hiding.

· Climb up to the top of the bottom ladder on board 1. Nudge to the right just a bit without turning around. Jump to the right off the top tier and you’ll advance to level 2.

· If you enter the initials "JORDAN.LTD" for your high score, it chops off the “.LTD” part and adds two credits.  This trick may be why the U.S. version was modified to only allow 3 characters (the Japanese version allows 10).  A “fixed” version can be found at: http://www.arcadecollecting.com/crazy/cchack/.

· On the second building, when you arrive at the electrical sign, climb up the left side until you’re under the wire. Keep both joysticks pressed (one up and one down).  After a few seconds you’ll become red with white hair and the wire won’t harm you (see picture).

· 1st level cheat: Climb up the ladder at the far right of the bottom platform.  Make sure Mario’s back is facing you while tapping the joystick until his right foot is hanging over the ledge.  Jump off the platform.  If done correctly, he’ll drop through the floor below and you’ll finish the level.

· Invisible warp tricks: There are 2 - one on the barrel stage, and one on the cement factory stage (which is rarely seen and virtually unknown).

· BUG: On the conveyor belt screen (level 2 or higher), grab the bottom hammer and go to the right side of the screen and Mario will drop it (see picture).  If he drops it in the down position, it will smash any buckets that come out – even after it disappears!

· Mad Dog McCree makes 2 appearances in the game, one as a bank robber, and the other as a plane hijacker.

· On the plane scene, one of the random passengers that fire at you is Mad Dog (from Mad Dog McCree).  He’s also the lead bank robber in the bank robbery scene.

· If you double-tap the accelerator after a game and the scores roll, during the option to enter more credits, you will add credits.

·A free Game can be earned every 10000 miles if you have a personalized record.

· Car selection cheat: by pressing the view buttons you can select between the available 6 cars add an additional 12 cars (low view), the color of the car (chase view), and the person in the car (high view). If you cycle through this once you will see all the characters, on the second cycle their heads will be oversized (Clown, Baby, Blonde Lady, Guy with crew cut, etc., but not in that order).

· Holding View 2 down during track selection reveals two hidden tracks.

· Shortcuts can be found on each track.

· BUG: This works with 2 or more linked machines. Have player 1 coin up the 1st machine.  When they reach the car selection screen, have player 2 coin up the 2nd  machine. Be sure player 2 chooses a different track.  When both games end, coin up the games again, and this time have both players choose Alaska. They should be playing head-to-head now. When player 2 gets to the part with the bears and such a weird game coding screen comes up with text and afterwards a screen with green and gray boxes comes up. After a while the game resets and starts over again. Player 1’s game is not affected.

· Hidden vehicles - When you reach the garage (where you can choose your car) press the VIEW 2 button.  You’ll then be able to select 3 new vehicles - school bus, police car, or a jeep.

· On the car selection screen, choose a car and then hold all 3 VIEW buttons down to reveal the secret vehicles.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On level 5 (Berthilda’s Palace), grab the hat and enter the large door where Berthilda is.  Run over her (for 3,000 points) and go to the corner of the room where she was and JUMP.  The initials “FXL” (for Franz Lanziger) will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This also happens if you jump in the back corner on 6/4.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Lanziger built 2 castles using initials from friends of his. On Hidden Spiral (picture #3), “DES” stands for Desiree McCrorey, “SSM” is for Sam Mehta, and “BBM” for Brian McGhee (a former Atari game designer). On Berthilda's Palace, the initials are harder to make out, as they are cutouts in the floor. “EDG” is the initials of Eric Ginner (another former Atari game designer), while “MAR” stands for Mark Robichek. All of these people were famous video game players at the time.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Lanziger’s initials also appear several times on the high score table (by default), and as a result they comprise the first castle (picture #1).  Another former Atari designer’s initials, “MEC” (for Mark Cerny) also appear.

· 4 versions of the game exist.  A couple of the bugs are fixed in the later (conversion kit) versions (the false gem problem, and the two-player/level 10 completion problem).  Also, the blocks that fill the screen at the end are trapezoids, and there is a credits screen shown at the end of some games.

· One unique feature of this game is that the initials entered after obtaining a high score are used as part of the first level in the next game played.

· When entering your initials on the scoreboard, you not only have a choice of the standard alphabet, but you can also enter these: a blank space; the extra life indicator (bear head); a slash (/); a question mark (?); a colon (:); and a right pointing arrow. A 'secret symbol' is the inverse slash (\), which appears only on the first maze on player 2's game, if the game is the first one after the machine has been turned on.

· The game was originally supposed to be a variation on the mega-hit "Asteroids" and the working title was 'Toporoids' (from TOPOgraphics and asteROIDS). It featured a one-legged robot and/or a spaceship placed in 3-D mazes lined with asteroids and the goal was (of course) to shoot them. The mazes were similar to those in Crystal Castles.

· Bentley Bear was originally named Braveheart Bear in the released prototypes, but Atari was forced to change the name when advocates for Native Americans complained.

· Hiding spot: It’s possible to keep a gaming going indefinitely by hiding from the bees inside a tunnel (be sure to first eliminate all the gemeasters and trap whatever else is left).  This doesn’t work on every castle with a tunnel, but it works very well on Berthilda's Castle, and on Hidden Ramp. Each bee landing cycle takes about 5.9 seconds, and after 18 minutes, the bees' landing cycle count 'turns over' to 0, and they start landing next to their normal spot by the honey. {Mark Alpiger}

· Atari banner trick: Jump 128 times in the front (lowest) corner of any maze, and then clear the maze.  The banner will appear on the next screen (picture #2).  It disappears on the next maze, unless you are playing a two-player game, in which case it can appear on two screens.

· Warp Tunnel: A door appears at the start of a new game.  Go through it and press JUMP- warps you to previous level in last game (1st maze of any level needs to be complete, but it won’t take you any higher than level 8). 

· Secret Warp Tunnels: Level 1 to Level 3 warp - go to back left-hand corner and press JUMP.  Level 3 to Level 5 - get the magic hat and JUMP in rear corner of hidden ramp.  Level 5 (3rd maze “Crossroads”) to Level 7 - go to back left-hand corner of top wall and JUMP.  Depending on how you play your game in the middle levels, a message telling you how to accomplish 1 of the 3 secret warps may appear at the end of your game.

· When the machine is in attract mode, wait until the first stage appears. When Bentley gets killed, hold down BOTH jump buttons and the accounting screen will appear (which shows customer play information).  {Mike Quarles}

· The final level is 10-1 (The End).  If you finish the level, a special screen appears that says, “I GIVE UP : YOU WIN YOU MUST BE _______________”. What goes in the blank depends on the number of lives you have left:


After entering your initials, the screen will then fill with blocks (picture #4). Later ROM versions use trapezoids instead.

· For more information, such as screenshots of all the castles and strategies, check out Mark Alpiger’s site at:http://www.classicarcadegaming.com/games/cc/

· BUG: If you reach the last gem at the same time as another enemy, and one of you picks it up at the same time that you collide, Bentley will start to die, but then come back to life, and the game will progress normally. You won't even lose an extra life. The best way to do this is to set up the last gem in a corner, and wait for the bees to land on the maze. When they close in on Bentley, jump for the gem.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: While in the warp tunnel on 1/1, let a ball kill Bentley, and then press jump once. When the screen starts over, don't move. Simply press jump to accomplish the warp.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: Play a 2-player game where a warp tunnel appears on 1/1. Have both players kill off their lives on this screen. When player 1's game is over, player 2 will have 1/1 complete with the warp tunnel, but pressing jump inside won't warp you. Remember, to determine where you will warp, the program looks at the highest level completed in the last game played. Since player 1 didn't get off 1/1, this is the highest level completed. {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: This warp tunnel glitch is similar to the above, but the game must be set to give 4 or 5 lives at the start, and the warp tunnel must NOT appear on 1/1. Have player 1 complete at least 2/1 or higher, and then kill off their game. Have player 2 also kill off their game, on 1/1. Now, when player 1's game ends, player 2's 1/1 screen will say to enter the tunnel and press jump to warp to level  . But, there is no warp tunnel, because the maze was originally constructed without one! So, of course, player 2 cannot use the tunnel warp, in spite of what the game says!

· BUG: Using the hiding trick eventually causes the pitch of the bees’ sound to become higher and higher, until it stops playing.  It will then start playing again, from a very low frequency. This is because the pitch number in the program rolls over to 0.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: On the hidden ramp screen, it is possible to generate a 'false gem', false meaning that the gem is not really there. It is easy to see this, as part of the gem is cut off. The only maze I've seen this bug on is "Hidden Ramp". To generate it, go to the top section of this maze, to the part that's closest to the elevator nearest the honey. On the left stairway leading to the platform with the elevator, go up towards the top, and then cut a hard right in such a way that you miss the gem on the platform in front of the top step of the stairway. Any gems you touch immediately thereafter, that lay above the tunnel, will become false gems. The most I've ever generated on one platform is 5.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: Start by playing a 2-player game. Have one player (either one) complete level 10 AFTER the other player has had at least one turn (i.e., both games must be in progress). After the first player has finished level 10, and entered their initials on the "Hall of Fame" scoreboard, the normal block painting display will NOT appear (this, I think, is the key that causes the bug). Instead, the "GET READY PLAYER” screen will appear, and the other player's game will appear to resume as normal. However, you’ll notice that the bees don't land. They never will land on that maze, even if there's a honey pot, or if you're killed and the maze play resets. Next, you'll notice that getting the last gem will not cause you to advance to the next maze as normal, in most cases. Simply put, you'll never advance unless ALL maze objects (i.e., enemies, honey pot, hat, gems) are gone. If any enemies remain that can't be eliminated, you'll never advance beyond the screen, and the game will be ended only by losing all of your lives. If only the hat and/or honey pot remain, you can collect them in the usual manner (after the last gem), and when the point number disappears, you will advance to the next maze, just as if you had collected the last gem. Still, whether or not you get the last gem is accurately kept track of. Normally, you'll always get the last gem in this situation. But, if you eliminate the last gemeater as it gets the last gem, and advance, the game shows that "THEY GOT THE LAST GEM". Boards that you can get off of include "Staircase", "Berthilda's Castle", and the 3/4 "Berthilda's Dungeon". After you advance, by the way, the game goes on completely normally. When you come back on a 'warp board', the warps will not work. This includes the tunnel (if there is one) on 1/1.  Also, the Easter egg on 6/4 doesn't work. {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: Sometimes when you try to warp in the tunnel on 1/1, and then come out to pick up a few gems, you'll find you didn't warp, even though jump was pressed in the tunnel. This is because the 'proper' warp spot is in the 'back' of the tunnel.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: An unusual but annoying occurrence is when a Gemeater doesn't eat his gem when landing on the maze. Many times I've gone to eat a line of Gemeaters, only to get killed on the first one, which has the gem it landed on still under it.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: Something somewhat related to the above is when I go to eliminate a Gemeater, but get killed on it, yet I see the gem going up its gullet as Bentley is dying! This is a problem with the order of the lines in the program. The line that asks if Bentley hit a Gemeater comes before the line that says the Gemeater is eating a gem. The lines simply need to be reversed.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: If you eliminate an enemy or object from the screen, then the spot where the object originally landed on the screen causes collision detector problems at that spot. If one enemy is on the 'eliminated' spot (say, the tree), then other enemies (such as Gemeaters) will pass right through, as if nothing were there! The best screen to do this is on Cross Maze. Eliminate one or two gemeaters from the board, and then move Bentley such that the tree will be on top of the eliminated gemeater's spot. Now, when another enemy or object (like the hat) approaches, it will freely move through the tree.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: If you turn a corner at the same time an enemy is at the corner, you can sometimes miss being hit. This is simply a problem with the collision detector and/or position indicator. {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: Unbelievably enough, there is a way that your score can go DOWN in the game! All you have to do is point-press starting at level 2, and play to the 5/3 warp. Now, make sure your score is over 420,000 when you warp. Whatever your score is, it will always be put down to the 420,000 points awarded for warping.  {Mark Alpiger}

· BUG: The name for castle 8/1 normally doesn’t appear b/c most machines are set to give a bonus life every 70,000 points, and the message  window on this board indicates the bonus life setting instead of the name. But, when the bonus option is turned off, the name of the board appears in the window instead, which is Staircase.  {Mark Alpiger}

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Hidden in the monitor test pattern is a short clip of a topless woman (see picture)!  {Scott Stilphen}